Products & Services

Sneak-A-Peek offers a unique and personal product. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and an exciting experience! Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice and individualized attention. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.
Our office has free wifi so you can Skype with your loved ones during your ultrasounds! We understand that this is an exciting time and your family is not typically able to come to your doctor's ultrasound visit therefore we are happy to welcome large familys and cameras!


~*Compare and Save! We never charge for  DVD memorabilia with any package!*~

Watch Your Baby Grow Program

Starting anywhere between 7 and 20 weeks (the earlier the better!) you can begin the Watch Your Baby Grow Program! This in an innovative way to see your baby develop inutero. The incredible changes that take place during your pregnancy are often missed because you cannot recieve multiple ultrasounds: however, this program allows you to come for approximatly 14 ultrasounds, which is about every other week! At the end of your pregnancy you will recieve a photo book with one photo from each ultrasound. This program also includes gender determination if you would like to know the gender of your baby. Additional pictures and other memorbilia is available to purchase and can be added on at any time. The pay-as-you-go system we developed for this program makes it afforadable and convient to see your baby more times than was ever available before!

Ultrasound Packages

 Heartbeat Animal--$40


Just want to have a keepsake of your baby? We can record baby's heartbeat onto a heartbeat module and put it into one of our adorable heartbeat animals. This includes a small animal but large animals are available for an additional fee.


Gender Peek—$99 - (payment plan available**)


15/20 minutes, 4 4x6 Thermal Pictures, and a DVD of your Visit, listen to baby's heartbeat, Gift for Baby, & Gender Determination (If we cannot Determine Gender at your appointment we will schedule you for a re-scan.) $35 off a Peek-A-Boo Package on a return visit


 Just A Peek— $139

  (payment plan available**)


20/25 minutes, 8 4x6 Thermal Pictures,  Photo Album, a DVD of your Visit, listen to baby's heartbeat,  & Gift for Baby


Peek A Boo—$199

(payment plan available**)


25/30 minutes, 12 4x6 Thermal Pictures, a DVD of your Visit, Photo Album, Picture Frame, CD with a minimum of 20 Photos, a Large Heartbeat Animal AND a Heartbeat Recording Module, listen to baby's heartbeat, &

Gift for Baby


Two Peeks are Better Than One— $239

(payment plan available**)


Total of 30/40 minutes, Total of 12 4x6 Thermal Pictures, CD with a minimum of 20 Photos from each Visit, Picture Frame, Small Heartbeat Animal AND a Heartbeat Recording Module, a DVD of your Visit,  listen to baby's heartbeat each visit, & Gift for Baby

 Multiple Peeks—  $469

(payment plan available**)


Total of 60/80 minutes, Total of 24 4x6 Thermal Pictures, a Picture Frame, a Photo Album, Small Heartbeat Animal AND a Heartbeat Recording Module, a CD with a minimum of 20 Photos from each Visit, a DVD of each Visit , listen to baby's heartbeat each visit, & Gift for Baby



*Gender Determination is available to add onto any package for free

** All packages must be paid in full at time of service. You may pay as little or as much in any incriments you want. Others can help you to pay for your ultrasound by making a payment over the phone. Payment options include paying over the phone with a debit or credit card or stopping by in person with cash, check, or a debit/credit card. You may set up automatic payments or call/stop in each time you would like to make a payment. Again the balance of the ultrasound package is due at time of service, no exceptions.

Sneak-A-Peek is now accepting payment plans for your packages! If you can only afford to pay a little every week or a few people want to help you out in paying for your ultrasound, you now have the oppurtunity to do so!


~*Compare and Save, we never charge for your DVD memorabilia with any package!*~

**All ultrasounds must be paid in full on or before the date of service.

*** Please add $30.00 to each package above for multiples.

**** We require a credit card when appointments are scheduled. Less than 24 hour's notice of cancelation will result in a $35 charge.


Please visit our "Peek of Relaxation - Crystal Mathis, Certified Massage Therapist" page for details.

Belly Casting


Your pregnant body is beautiful and will only last for a short time! We offer belly casting services, where you relax in our spa-like room, and we handle all the mess! All of our belly casts come painted a solid color of your choice from our selection as well as a ribbon accent. Your cast will be ready in one week for pick up! Casts are best done at or after 35 weeks so that your belly is cast in its fullest form.


Belly Bowl (great for newborn pictures) - $75

Belly and Breast  (the most common choice) - $100

Torso (starts at collar bone and goes past pelvis) - $125