What is the difference between HD Live and 3D/4D

HD Live is the newest and greatest in ultrasound technology. It allows us to view the baby in a beautiful flesh tone as well as smooths out the skin providing greater details of your baby's face.

With the DNA Testing, how accurate is it at only 7 weeks

Gateway Genomics uses a technique called Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) to amplify the DNA in the blood making: this proccess enables them to determine the baby's gender with a 99.6% accuracy rate!

How does the DNA Test determine gender

The human Y-chromosome is only found in males and the DNA collected through the blood draw is tested for the presence of that Y-chromosome. If the Y-chromosome is detected then the mother is carrying a baby boy: if it is not detected then the mother is carrying a baby girl!

How does the DNA Test work if  the mother is carrying multiples

If the mother is carrying more than 1 baby the DNA Test works the same! The differences are not in accuracy however the test CANNOT determine how many of each gender babies the mother is carrying. For example : if the mother is carrying identical twins and the test comes back boy or girl then both babies are the same gender : if the mother is carrying fraternal multiples and the test comes back as girl then all babies are girls : if the mother is carrying fraternal multiples ad the test comes back as boy then at LEAST 1 baby is a boy but how many are boys cannot be known other than with an ultrasound.

How far along should I be for an ultrasound

We can start the Grow Program anywhere between 7 and 15 weeks gestation and will continue to do ultrasounds up untill birth!


For a single visit - Early Gender can be done as soon as 15 weeks 0 days


The best time for a fun ultrasund to see how cute your baby is is aywhere between 26 and 32 weeks


Twins are best viewed between 23 and 28 weeks for cute photos


We will do ultrasounds past 34 weeks however frequently babies are to large or smooshed to get the ideal photos. If you are farther than 34 weeks please call and we can help you decide if an ultrasound will still allow us to see baby's face.


When can you tell gender and how accurate are you



All of our technicians are trained in determining gender however; if the baby is not in a position to make a confident determination then you will be invited back for a free scan. Always confirm our determination with your healthcare provider because we are non-diagnostic, however, we do the best we can and we will not tell you a gender if there is reasonable doubt of the accuracy. We usually have no trouble making an accurate gender determination. In the event that your healthcare provider gives you a different gender determination please contact us within 1 week of the different determination to activate our Gender Guarantee.



What is your Gender Guarantee

Our Gender Guarantee was put in place to assure our clients that we will do our best to accurately determine the gender of their baby. If you come into Sneak-A-Peek with the intention of finding out the gender of your baby and the baby is 15 weeks and 0 days gestational or farther then in the event we cannot determine the gender of your baby for any reason (cord in the way, position of the baby, etc) we invite you back for a free rescan. Your package will then be split up in the way you choose between the two visits. If we give you a gender determination and your health care provider gives you a different determination after our ultrasound we would be happy to invite you back for a free re-scan to confirm gender and clear up any confusion. If this does happen you MUST contact our office within 1 week of your appointment with the healthcare provider so we can get you in quickly to confirm gender. This is not something that happens often but in the rare case that it does we want to ensure our clients are satisfied and confident with the gender determination.

Can I bring my friends and family


Yes. In fact, we encourage our clients to invite family and friends to attend the elective 4D Ultrasound session. This is a joyous and wonderful experience, one that can be shared with your family and loved ones. We can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people in addition to the mom. More than 15 guests may come with you but this gives you a general idea of the amount of seating in the room. We can work to accommodate others. Our seating is specifically arranged so that everyone in your party will have an excellent view of our large screen 4D images of the baby. Babies and children are also always welcome at our facility.

Will I always get beautiful pictures of my baby


Usually, but not always. Sometimes if the baby is persistently looking face down, i.e. towards your spine it may be difficult to see the baby's face. Other factors, such as the baby facing the placenta or lack of amniotic fluid in front of the baby’s face, may affect the quality of the images.

Fuller-figured mothers with more tissue can result in pictures that may look little fuzzier. Lastly, the amniotic fluid helps to transmit the sound waves so we always recommend coming in well hydrated. You do not need to have a full bladder, but mothers should be drinking the daily recommended amount of water by their physician.  We make no promises that the images will be similar to those you might have seen elsewhere or even from our clinic, or that we can always meet everyone's expectations. Every baby scans differently, depending on its gestational age, position, amount of fluid, and mother's condition. We promise to make every effort to obtain the best possible images of whatever parts of the baby that can be seen. Similarly, babies are often going to be putting their hands and feet in their face and may not free up a view of the entire face. Many moms write back to tell us that their babies make the same gestures and put hands and feet in the face after birth just as they did in the womb and it makes their treasured ultrasound images even more special!

What are the credentials of the people who preform services there

All of our services here are non diagnostic and cannot and should not replace the proper care by a medical professional such as  an OBGYN or a Midwife. 

Crystal Mathis is licensed in OB Ultrasound through the State of Michigan

Crystal Mathis is licensed as a Massage Therapist through the State of Michigan

Brittney Potter is throughly trained in OB Ultrasound for non diagnostic                      ultrasounds.

Brittney Potter has Phlebotomy Certifications that enable her to do blood draws.

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